Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girls Who Like Men Wearing Panties

My boyfriend likes to wear panties and has always wanted to get together with another male who also enjoys wearing panties. I enjoy seeing my boyfriend in panties as well as seeing other guys in panties. We have yet to make our fantasy into reality but we both want to make it happen. My boyfriend has always enjoyed our panty play, me giving him a panty blowjob, or a panty job, me rubbing him through panties, or having panty sex. Satin panties are our favorite panties and we would like to find another guy who enjoys satin panties.

Woman Like Panty Wearing Guys

Have been wearing panties for many years and wife has always been accepting of it, and has always enjoyed seeing me in sexy pantie. I know what a lucky guy I am your thinking, but to be honest there are more woman out there than you think that do enjoy a man wearing panties so don't give up hope of finding one.

Woman Who Enjoy Seeing Men Wearing Panties

Many woman enjoy seeing their husband wearing panties or their boyfriend wearing panties, and many woman express that finding out there husband likes wearing panties or that their boyfriend likes wearing panties has taken there sexual lives to a new level.

Girls Like Guys Wearing Panties

More and more couples wear panties together and enjoy playing in panties together in the bedroom. They enjoy talking with and getting together with other couples in panties, and other men wearing panties.

Panty Wearing Couple

Surveys have shown that more and more couples have both partners who are bicurious or bisexual. For many years it used to be couples having threesomes and bringing another woman into play with a bicurious wife or bisexual wife now couples are having threesomes and bringing another man into play with a bicurious husband or bisexual husband. This new trend is very popular, as is the case with many bicurious panty wearing couples or bisexual panty wearing couples looking for other panty wearing men to join them in their panty play.

Couples Wearing Panties

So why does your husband wear panties or your boyfriend wear panties, so why do guys wear panties? There could be many reasons why men wear panties and the reasons why guys wear panties are different for all men who wear panties, but none should get your panties in a bunch, just listen to him. Many men wear panties simply because they like the differences in fabrics, cuts and styles. Many guys wear panties because it increases their sexual desire. Simply put men wear panties because it turns them on, just as seeing a woman in panties turns them on, many men are simply turned on by panties either seeing a woman wearing panties or wearing wives panties or wearing girlfriends panties. And what a TURN ON for a guy who wears panties to be wearing wifes panties with her also in panties, or wearing girlfriends with her also in panties, both in panties together, most call it panty play, so try some panty play with your panty wearing men and you will see it will increase your stimulation as well.

Woman Who Like Guys Wearing Panties

So how do these lucky guys meet these woman who enjoy seeing men in panties. Its not as much to do with luck as one thinks, there are lots of woman out there who really do like seeing guys in panties, seeing how the panties cling to his cock, the way he reacts when he puts on panties, the way he reacts when she touches him in panties. Its simple most woman enjoy turning on there partner and seeing him excited and happy. The problem is that most guys who wear panties feel they need to hide that they wear womans panties from there wife or girlfriend when in fact most woman would be comfortable with there man wearing panties, and yes even turned on by seeing a guy in panties. It comes down to open and honest communication.